Our natural and ecological substrate suits perfectly for soil and soilless cultivation of every plant species. It consists of naturally selected fractions of soft brown coal, that can successfully be used to improve the overall quality of soils, including light soils. Brown coal (lignite), as a rich source of humic substances (humic, humin acids and their salts), plays a key role in maintaining fertility of soils and providing plants with mineral compounds. It ameliorates physical, physico-chemical and biological properties of soils.

Humic substances regulate the concentration of soil solution through sorption and release of the elements into solution. They also effectively protect soil environment and the ecosystem from effects of heavy metals contamination.





is a natural and ecological plant nourishing formula, created from the rich in humic acids Polish leonardite mineraloids, located directly above lignite deposits. It contains concentrated humins, fulvic and humic acids, conducive to the formation of humus in the soil, which is the main source of nutrients for plants. Carbohumic improves the structure, increase the abundance of soils and stimulate their microbiological activity.

Carbohumic is much more effective than the commonly used manure and compost, which quickly mineralize and do not allow to create the proper amount of humus. Scientific research has proved that field crops, in which Carbohumic was applied in combination with Carbomat substrate, were characterized by a higher yield, and the plants retained all nutritional properties.




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