Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek award for the best product - Carbohumic

The council of the Professor Szczepan Aleksander Pieniążek award awards in 2020 the prize for the most innovative and making a significant contribution to the development of Polish gardening product to Carbohort sp. z o.o. for:

Carbohumic - humic extract made on the basis of brown coal.
The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Award - Carbomat

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development awards a DYPLOMA for outstanding national achievement significant for implementing progress in agriculture in the form of realization, implementation and promotion of the results of research thesis entitled:

"The study and implementation in horticultural practice of innovative substrate CARBOMAT for soilless cultivation of greenhouse plants".
Organic farming certificate – Carbohumic

In response to the manufacturer’s application, the organic-mineral soil conditioner under the trade name of Carbohumic may be used in organic farming pursuant to the EC Regulation no. 834/2007 and EC Council Regulation no. 889 / 2008 on organic production and marking of organic products.

The product is listed in the specification of fertilizers and soil conditioners qualified under the numer of NE / 495 / 2019 by IUNG-PIB in Puławy to be used in organic farming.
Patent document – Carbomat
The subject of the invention is the substrate for soilless cultivation of plants, which is completely organic, made from natural and environmentally-friendly materials, using brown coal, as well as fully biodegradable and rich in nutrients throughout the period of plant growth, providing stable conditions for air and water, high hydrophility of the substrate, thermal buffer-ability, as well as good transformation of water and gas, and at the same time characterized by a durable and homogenous structure, which is slowly biodegradable, being packed in the form of rectangular bales stretched over with the foil sleeve.
According to the invention, the substrate is natural brown coal fragmented into single fractions of particles with the diameter from 1.0 to 20 mm and/or into the earth fraction, wherein the proportions of air and water of this substrate are controlled by the selection of graining and/or adding the earth fraction. https://patents.google.com/patent/EP3014985A1/


Certificate of quality – Carbomat

Brown coal, as a rich source of humic substances, plays an important role in maintaining fertility of soils and supplying plants with mineral compounds. It positively influences the improvement of physical, physico-chemical and biological properties of soils.
Humic substances regulate the concentraion of soil solution through sorption and release of elements to the solution, effectively protect the soil environment and ecosystems from the effects of heavy metals contamination.
Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Kaniszewski
Dr Jacek Dyśko