Our natural and ecological substrate suits perfectly for soil and soilless cultivation of every plant species. It consists of naturally selected fractions of soft brown coal, that can successfully be used to improve the overall quality of soils, including light soils. Brown coal (lignite), as a rich source of humic substances (humic, humin acids and their salts), plays a key role in maintaining fertility of soils and providing plants with mineral compounds. It ameliorates physical, physico-chemical and biological properties of soils.

Humic substances regulate the concentration of soil solution through sorption and release of the elements into solution. They also effectively protect soil environment and the ecosystem from effects of heavy metals contamination.



  • Standard substrate with slightly acidic pH
  • After a proper fragmentation (granulation) the substrate gains excellent physical properties ensuring correct generative growth
  • Good water retention and porous structure that reduces water consumption (invaluable help in water scarcity conditions)
  • Lignite is free from pathogenic agents and does not contain any harmful substances to plants
  • Very durable substrate thanks to its highly polymerized structure and condensed organic substance
  • The only organic substrate where there is no biological nitrogen sorption during the initial cultivation period
  • Low salinity and stabilized chemical composition result in our substrate being easily controllable
  • While being 100% ecological, it retains the key properties of other inert substrates (such as change in pH, EC during cultivation, and cultivation methods)
  • After cultivation, the substrate can be re-used in crops or as a natural fertilizer, for example for ornamental plants, or for improving soil properties
  • No problem with utilization after finished cultivation
  • The only substrate activated by humins received from leonardites
  • Humic acids facilitate the proper nutrition of plants and cause the development of beneficial soil microorganisms (live substrate)
  • After appropriate preparations (optimal selection of nutrients and proper pH) our substrate is recommended for cultivation of almost every plant species grown with container methods
  • Substrate for multiple uses
  • Active coal, as a part of the substrate, absorbs huge amounts of toxins from the environment and does not transfer any of it on the plants. This fact has been confirmed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the “BIO HOME” project.


The substrate is suitable for growing all types of plants

Carbo BIG BAG 1500L

Carbo BIG BAG 1000L

Carbomat 19L

Carbo BAG 19L


Step 1. Place the mat on any flat surface.
Step 2. Make a hole and fill the mat (about 6L) with water or nourishment (about 50% of the normal dose concentration).
Step 3. After the substrate is soaked (about 24h), make holes in the places where you intend to put the plants.
Step 4. Place the plants in the mat - we recommend 3 (cucumber tomato) up to 12 pieces (strawberry, lettuce) per mat – according to your needs.
Step 5. Make 2 cuts at the bottom of the mat, preferably 0.5 cm from the bottom at the opposite ends. The excess of water will flow out, and the coal structure will thicken around the roots.
Step 6. Water the plants depending on the weather conditions.

  1. Our mats can be used multiple times, or after the finished cultivation, simply scatter the substrate in your garden or field to improve the quality of soil!
  2. Our substrate does not require fertilization!