is a natural and ecological plant nourishing formula, created from the rich in humic acids Polish leonardite mineraloids, located directly above lignite deposits. It contains concentrated humins, fulvic and humic acids, conducive to the formation of humus in the soil, which is the main source of nutrients for plants. Carbohumic improves the structure, increase the abundance of soils and stimulate their microbiological activity.

Carbohumic is much more effective than the commonly used manure and compost, which quickly mineralize and do not allow to create the proper amount of humus. Scientific research has proved that field crops, in which Carbohumic was applied in combination with Carbomat substrate, were characterized by a higher yield, and the plants retained all nutritional properties.



  • Stimulates plant growth (higher biomass production), increase the degree of root system development and increase the dry weight of crop
  • Increases the content of vitamins and minerals in plants
  • Stimulates plant enzymes and increase their production
  • Increases the natural resistance of plants to diseases and pests
  • Enriches soil with organic and mineral substances
  • Stimulates the growth of roots, which increases the uptake of nutrients
  • Increases root breathing
  • Thickens cell walls in fruits and prolong their shelf life in markets
  • Increases germination capacity of seeds and their vitality
  • Modifies soil structure
  • Improves yield quality, appearance and nutritional value
  • Neutralizes soils pH
  • Increases soil's water capacity and thus reduce the risk of drought
  • Improves structure, and prevents loss of water and nutrients in light sandy soils
  • Loosens compact soils and improves their aeration
  • Improves the availability of nutrients and water for plants
  • Retains water-soluble mineral fertilizers in the root zone and reduce their rinsing
  • Increases the conversion of nutrients (NPK and microelements) to forms available for plants
  • Increases nitrogen uptake by plants


The formula is suitable for growing all types of plants

The growth stimulator Carbohumic is dedicated for use in cultivation of vegetable and fruit plants, in order to stimulate their growth, increase fresh and dry mass of plants (increase in yield), obtain the correct morphology, maintain the uniformity of growth and flowering of plants. Carbohumic can be used for soil and foliar feeding, also in pre-vegetation stage. The solution of this stimulator can be used to water and spray the plants.


Field crops for vegetables

In field crops, apply soil spray before sowing or planting at 3L/100L of water (3% solution), 300-400L/ha of working solution (4L of Carbohumic /ha). The foliar spray should be used three times:

  • the first spraying in the early stages of development (2-3 primary leaves developed),
  • the second after 10-14 days in a dose of 1L/100L of water (1% solution) the expense of working solution 300-400L/ha (one time 4L/ha),
  • the third treatment applied under stressful conditions.


Growing vegetables under covers

  • Seedling phase – the stimulator should be used in the production of seedlings and vegetable cultivation on the permanent site. Spray the seedling in the early development stage (first or second primary leaf developed) and immediately before placing the plants in their permanent sites - 0.5% concentration (5ml/1L of water)
  • Cultivation on a permanent site – before planting, spray the substrate or soil with a solution of 3% (3L/100L of water, 12L/ha). After 10 days from planting, spray the plants with 1% solution (4L/ha). Then, every 10-14 days you can perform 2-3 foliar treatments with a solution of 0.8% (3L/ha).


Making of working solution

Firstly, determine the exact amount of stimulator for preparing the working solution. Mix the determined amount of stimulator with a small amount of water in a separate vessel, then pour it into the container half filled with water, while constantly mixing. Next, refill the container with the necessary amount. Emptied containers should be rinsed three times with plain water, and the leftover poured into the container with working solution. After spraying, the sprayer should be thoroughly washed.


  • Store in the original packaging at a positive temperature between 0⁰C and 30⁰C
  • Do not store together with food and animal feed
  • Store under lock and protect from children



  • If skin is spilled, wash with plenty of soap and water
  • In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention, if irritated
  • Empty packaging treat as municipal waste



  • Shake before use
  • Do not use together with plant protection products
  • Do not use on frozen or flooded soil or during heavy rainfall
  • The product can be used for organic farming
  • The stimulator can be used practically for all types of plants
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • pH: 9-10